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The first ultrasonic toothbrush and other pet care equipment for animals!

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E2 Wave Ultrasonic attachment Metallic&Professional

For odd teeth



Content: 1 Stück

Available, delivery time: 1 – 3 days

Product number: 65007
E2 Wave Ultrasonic attachment Metallic&Professional

  • Suitable for odd teeth
  • With different lengths of 9 mm or 7.5 mm
  • Optimised for use with emmi-dent Metallic & GO
  • Improved ultrasonic bristle technology

See why our emmi®-dent is so popular and effective.

Attachable brush for the ultrasonic toothbrush for tooth cleaning with 100% original ultrasound

The ultrasonic toothbrush emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrushes contain a special, patented piezo chip (ultrasonic transmitter) in the brush head to generate the 100% original ultrasound. emmi-dent ultrasound. In the bases of the emmi-dent 2 hardened contact pins have been integrated into the bases of the Metallic and Go Ultrasonic emmi-dent Metallic and Go handpiece. This innovation prevents jamming when attaching and the ultrasonic brush can be easily attached and removed.

This ultrasonic attachment brush should be replaced after 3 months of use at the latest. After this period, the bristles' ability to transmit 100% of the ultrasound weakens and optimal tooth cleaning and oral hygiene is no longer guaranteed.

Please note that the ultrasonic attachment brush of the emmi-dent Metallic and Go can only be used for tooth cleaning and oral hygiene with the emmi-dent Metallic & GO model.

People with sensitive, inflamed gums or gum pockets can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Pain during tooth cleaning and oral hygiene is a thing of the past.

Note: The brush should only be cleaned with water!

100% original ultrasound for clean and bright white teeth.

Areas of application: Odd teeth
Models: Emmi Go, Metallic

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x emmi-dent E2 Wave brushes Metallic&Go (2 pieces per package)

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What is the significance of the emmi-dent attachment brush when cleaning teeth with the ultrasonic toothbrush?

When using the emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush, the attachment brush is of crucial importance. As the central element, it houses the ultrasonic generator that is responsible for the unique "cleaning without scrubbing". With impressive oscillations of up to 96 million times per minute, the attachment brush generates the ultrasound that forms the basis for effective tooth cleaning.
What is the difference between the emmi-dent brushes?

With different designs and specific features, the emmi-dent attachment brushes enable customised tooth cleaning. The differences between the emmi-dent attachment brushes are examined in more detail below.

Tabular overview:

2-Pin-System (Metallic und Go)


Attachable brush:



Odd teeth

E2 Wave



Small pine


4-Pin-System (Platinum)


Attachable brush:



Odd teeth

M2 Wave



Small pine


Standard attachment brushes - M2 and E2:

The standard attachment brushes, M2 and E2, provide effective cleaning for general use. With their specially designed bristles and precise shape, they reach all tooth surfaces effortlessly. They are ideal for daily tooth cleaning and provide thorough removal of plaque and bacteria.

Attachable brushes for braces - PM2 and SB2:

For people who wear braces, emmi-dent offers the special PM2 and SB2 attachment brushes. With their unique shape and special bristle structure, they enable effective cleaning around the braces structure. They thoroughly remove plaque and food debris to ensure optimal oral health while wearing braces.

Attachment brushes for odd teeth - M2 Wave and E2 Wave:

The M2 Wave and E2 Wave attachment brushes are specially designed for people with odd teeth. Their wave-shaped bristle structure enables precise cleaning and reaches even hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. These attachment brushes ensure effective removal of plaque and impurities, even with irregular tooth positions.

Attachable brushes for children and people with a small jaw -S2 and K2:

For children and people with a smaller jaw, emmi-dent offers the S2 and K2 attachment brushes. With their compact size and gentle bristles, they are ideal for gently cleaning sensitive children's teeth.

Tongue attachment for Platinum and Metallic/Go:

In addition to the various attachment brushes, emmi-dent also offers a tongue attachment. This special attachment enables gentle cleaning of the tongue and helps to remove unwanted bacterial deposits. A clean tongue contributes to a fresh breath feeling and promotes overall oral health.

Differences in designs:

It is important to note that all five attachment brushes are available in two different versions. The version with the 4-pin system is compatible with the emmi-dent Platinum and Platinum Care models. The version with the 2-pin system, on the other hand, fits the emmi-dent Metallic and Go models. See above two tables for the distinction.

Are all brushes suitable for children?

The emmi-dent attachment brushes offer a wide range of attachments suitable for cleaning children's teeth. As mentioned in the previous question, there are different types of attachment brushes, including those for braces, odd teeth, small jaws and even a special tongue attachment. All of these attachments are designed to be suitable for children and take into account the needs of their sensitive teeth and gums.

The advantage of the small attachments:

Although all attachment brushes are suitable for children, the small attachments make extra sense. These specially designed attachments are adapted to the size and anatomy of children's mouths. They enable precise and gentle cleaning of the teeth and interdental spaces without irritating the sensitive gums. Their compact size also makes them easier for children to handle and provides a pleasant experience while brushing their teeth.

The attachment brushes for children ensure gentle and effective cleaning that meets the needs of children's dentition. Their special design enables thorough removal of plaque and supports the development of healthy teeth and gums in children.

How often should you change the brush head?

Regular replacement of the brush head of a toothbrush is an important aspect of oral hygiene. When using ultrasonic toothbrushes, the question arises as to how often the brush head should be changed to ensure optimal cleaning.

Hygiene and optimal cleaning:

For hygienic reasons, it is advisable to change the brush head of an ultrasonic toothbrush regularly. It is recommended to change it every 3 to 4 months at the most. Daily use of the toothbrush can cause bacteria, plaque and other impurities to accumulate on the brush head. Regular replacement ensures that these deposits do not re-enter the oral cavity and thus affect oral health.

The influence of ultrasound:

Another reason for regularly changing the brush head of ultrasonic toothbrushes is the way the technology works. The ultrasound generated by the toothbrush is directed through the bristles onto the teeth. Over time, the bristles dull. A worn brush head can no longer ensure the optimal transmission of the ultrasound and thus negatively affect the cleaning result.

Which attachment brush fits which emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrushes?

The emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrushes are equipped with two different pin systems, allowing the attachments to be differentiated.

Attachment brushes with 4-pin system:

The 4-pin system of the emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrushes includes the Platinum and Platinum Care models. There are specific attachment brushes for these models, each designed for different areas of application.

Standard attachment brush (M2)

Clip-on brush for braces (PM2)

Attachment brush for odd teeth (M2 Wave)

Attachment brush for children/people with small jaws (S2)

Tongue attachment for the Platinum

Attachment brushes with 2-pin system:

The 2-pin system of the emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrushes applies to the Metallic and Go models. Here, too, there are specific attachment brushes designed for the respective models.

Standard attachment brush (E2)

Clip-on brush for braces (SB2)

Attachment brush for odd teeth (E2 Wave)

Attachment brush for children/people with small jaws (K2)

Tongue attachment for the Metallic

When choosing the right attachment brush, it is important to know which models of ultrasonic toothbrush you have. If you have any problems with this, please contact us Monday to Friday by telephone on "+49 (0) 6105 40 67 94" or by e-mail to info@emmi-ultrasonic.de.

Who is the emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush suitable for?

Our emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrushes are basically suitable for all people who want to clean their teeth gently and, above all, eliminate the risk of "scrubbing away" the enamel. They are particularly suitable for people with sensitive gums, gingivitis and periodontitis, brace wearers, wearers of implants and bridges. We offer ultrasonic toothbrushes for all ages. Our range includes various attachment brushes, including an attachment for children and people with a small mouth. This makes dental care child's play for the youngest.

Older people and people with motor challenges also benefit from the simple operation of the ultrasonic toothbrush. The emmi-dent Platinum Care is recommended here. Awarded the EURECERT certificate! The world's first barrier-free certified toothbrush.

The ultrasonic toothbrush also provides relief for bad breath by reducing bacteria to a healthy level.

We have developed a special brush head for braces wearers. The ultrasonic vibrations thoroughly clean even the inaccessible areas between teeth and braces. People with dental implants also benefit from the maximum cleaning power of the innovative ultrasonic technology.

Ultra-clean thanks to ultrasound: the advantages of the emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush

With the emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush, you can fight periodontitis, gingivitis and aphthae. The effectiveness has been proven by various studies. Brushing your teeth twice a day significantly reduces the number of bacteria in your mouth. This also ensures long-lasting fresh breath. The easy use of the ultrasonic toothbrush is also particularly suitable for children and people with motor challenges. Even wearers of braces, bridges, implants or crowns can finally breathe a sigh of relief, because the ultrasonic method reliably cleans right into the smallest spaces. In addition, this toothbrush, in combination with a special ultrasonic toothpaste, gradually brings back the natural colour of your teeth. The smallest discolourations caused by coffee, tea, wine or nicotine are removed and you get your white smile back.

What are the advantages of gentle micro-cleaning with the emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush?

The gentle micro-cleaning of the ultrasonic toothbrush revolutionises tooth brushing. The almost contact-free ultrasonic technology prevents the application of too much pressure. Dental care using ultrasound does away with the need for strenuous brushing back and forth. Brushing your teeth without scrubbing is the motto here!

Despite its gentle mode of operation, the emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush cleans even hard-to-reach areas in the oral cavity. Bacterial plaque is removed right into the smallest interstices. But that's not all: the emmi-dent convinces with further plus points. Ultrasound reduces bacteria up to twelve millimetres deep in the tissue, promotes blood circulation in the oral mucosa and releases body energies.

Furthermore, ultrasound has a cosmetic effect: discolourations caused by wine, nicotine or special foods are gradually lightened - and in a particularly gentle way. You can intensify this effect by additionally using emmi-dent whitening ultrasonic toothpaste. Please bear in mind that you should never use whitening toothpastes exclusively. We recommend using whitening toothpastes 2 - 3 times a week as an additional toothpaste. This applies to all whitening toothpastes.

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